Inside the Garbage of the World

The Ugly truth about plastic pollution

Directed by Philippe Carillo Produced by Philippe Carillo and Maxine Carillo Health, Mind & Body / Nonfiction / Outdoors & Nature English 1h 18m Sell Sheet
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									This informative, hard-hitting film reveals the truth about plastic pollution and how it is harming the oceans and threatening human safety. There is a gigantic floating mass of discarded plastic in the Pacific ocean about half the size of the United States. However, despite how bad the problem appears, it's actually much, much worse. Now, after the Japan Tsunami and the Fukushima disaster in 2011, pollution AND radiation is traveling through the Pacific Ocean to the U.S. via the plastic mass. Without a realistic solution in sight, the film explores personal accountability each one of us shares to solve this global crisis. We are on the edge of a tremendous disaster – can humankind act before it is too late?

"...a high quality Full HD documentary that is making waves at major film festivals, ... and most importantly, affecting the audiences who see it. ... unfolding the myth of the Plastic Trash island, the film exposes many alarming facts." - Jana Ritter - CNN Ireport

"...according to this persuasive film...with startling facts and disturbing visuals, this program emphasizes 'our personal responsibility in this global massacre.'" - Booklist