Truth Has Fallen

When the justice system fails the innocent.

Directed by Sheila M. Sofian Produced by Sheila M. Sofian and Davi Rutenberg Nonfiction English 1h 0m Sell Sheet Also available on
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									"Truth Has Fallen" is a 60-minute documentary that examines the cases of three individuals who were wrongfully incarcerated for murder and sheds light on weaknesses in the US justice system. With the help of James McCloskey and his organization, Centurion Ministries, these convictions were ultimately overturned. Employing innovative painted animation, "Truth Has Fallen" investigates why these three individuals were wrongfully convicted and suggests reforms to the United States justice system that could help to reduce the rate of wrongful convictions.

"Truth has Fallen makes striking use of animation to fill the screen and convey a sense of absence. The animation, which acts as the visual presence for the subjects until the end credits, stresses the removal from which the subjects speak to the interviewer." - Patrick Mullen, Documentary Culture POV Magazine

"Animation by Sheila Sofian serves as the more personal way to enter into the minds (and statements) of former prisoners. Tense but still, polymorphous but not alienating, drawn characters (who nevertheless narrate their own stories with characteristic calmness) struggle to surface as persons behind the overriding bars and monochrome backgrounds." - Vassilis Kroustallis,

"Sofian's hour-long film features live-action reenactments woven with her animation... The film includes solutions to some of the problems causing this injustice, and the film's well-produced website includes several links to organizations fighting to free 'the convicted innocent.'" - D. Schwartz, August 11, 2014. Cinesource Magazine

"Starred Review...powerful documentary..." - Booklist

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