The repentant of Shane Paul O´Doherty: A Former IRA Man’s True Story

Directed by Carlos Hernando Produced by Carlos Hernando Biographies & Memoirs / Nonfiction / Religion & Spirituality English 25m Sell Sheet
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									Shane Paul O'Doherty was born in January 1955 in Northern Ireland within a  Catholic middle class family. In 1970, with only 15, he joined the Provisional  IRA. Witnessed Bloody Sunday, he became head of the IRA explosives and during  the summer of 1973 he conducted alone a campaign of letter bombs in London. He  was arrested during a ceasefire in the summer of 1975 and, after receiving 30  life sentences, he served a sentence of 14 years. He was one of the first  prisoners to work his way past the negativity of the philosophy of armed  struggle, beginning to recommend publicly and privately an end to violence and  a full engagement with the democratic process. From his prison cell, O'Doherty wrote letters of apology to his victims.