Missing in the Land of Gods

Missing In The Land Of Gods is an emotional road movie about hope, faith and spirit.

Mystery & Thrillers / Nonfiction / Religion & Spirituality / True Crime English 1h 22m Sell Sheet
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									"Like thousands of other young people Ryan Chambers travelled to India for experience and adventure. But Ryan never returned to his home in Mount Gambier in South Australia. Inexplicably, he went missing in the holy city of Rishikesh, leaving a note in his diary that read: "If I'm gone don't worry, I'm not dead. I'm freeing minds, but first I had to free my own." 
Six years on, prompted by sightings and rumours, Ryan's parents Jock and Di return to India determined to unearth the truth. During their quest for their youngest son new doors seem to open that could lead to a clue to his whereabouts. With incredible patience, they plough through the hustle and bustle of India, from one potential clue to another. Astrologers, psychics, ceremonies: the couple try everything. Even a phone call offering to put them in contact with the "supreme almighty" is not dismissed.  Hanging on to their resilience they keep on searching even when the latest hopeful path turns out to be a dead-end. Gradually, their sober, Western worldview fades and the values and standards of the spiritual world take over. "

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