Return To The Philippines

Leon Cooper Returns

Ed Harris narrates the journey of a Navy veteran's efforts to recover the bodies of MIA soldiers.

Biographies & Memoirs / History - United States / Military / Nonfiction English 1h 8m Sell Sheet
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Part 3 of the Return To... series.

									Narrated by four-time Oscar nominee Ed Harris, this powerful documentary continues the story of World War II veteran Leon Cooper. As a Higgs Boat Commander, Cooper landed assault troops on six Japanese island strongholds. To this day, Cooper feels indebted to the thousands of U.S. soldiers who died in combat and were buried in unmarked graves, but are still listed as Missing in Action. To shine a light on the MIA issue and spur efforts to recover the remains of the fallen, the 94-year-old Cooper, at great risk to his own health, makes the arduous trip back to Manila, recounting the road to MacArthur's famous "Return". This portrait of strength and courage is the sequel to the 2009 film, Return to Tarawa.