On The Grill

Adventure, cooking, & premium produce combine to show a real chef’s life in and out of the kitchen.

Cooking, Food & Wine / Nonfiction / Travel English 2h 15m Sell Sheet
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									This series combines adventure, cooking, premium produce, and an introduction into a real chef’s life in and out of the kitchen.

Chef and restauranteur Sean Connolly has opened a fine dining steak house in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand called 'The Grill'.  He takes us on a thrilling culinary adventure as he travels around the country tracking down premium produce for his customers to enjoy.  Whether it's hunted, farmed, or grown, Sean gets his hands dirty in every way. Sourcing produce in a country that boasts pristine coastlines, breathtaking scenery, and dynamic landscapes creates a recipe for real food adventure.

Back at 'The Grill,' Sean makes use of every part of the animal or produce that he has sourced, creating some amazing dishes and a few little surprises for his celebrity guests to enjoy. Journeying through every episode, taking risks with unusual dishes and produce, Sean takes us there in an intimate way, sharing his thoughts and emotions.