James & Thom's Pizza Pilgrimage

Join brothers James and Thom as they drive the length of Italy on the ultimate food road trip.

Cooking, Food & Wine / Nonfiction / Travel English 2h 12m Sell Sheet
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									James and Thom dreamt of running their own street food business, selling traditional Italian style pizzas from the back of a three-wheeler van. Although they have a background in food, the guys knew nothing about making traditional Italian pizza. The solution was a road trip to immerse themselves in Italian culture.

The adventure started in Southern Italy where the brothers collected their three-wheeler van (which has a maximum speed of 45mph!) and embarked on a road trip up the Italian peninsula from ‘toe to top’; travelling more than 2000 miles.

The series explores the secrets of Italian food, from the origins of classic ingredients to some of the best-kept regional and family recipes, and introduces local cooks, producers and artisans who share their craft with the brothers. The pilgrimage also explores Italy’s history and culture.

With a fixed in-car camera capturing every moment inside the three-wheeler van, the pilgrimage was never short of laughter, banter and the occasional sibling rivalry.