The Boomer Revolution

Baby boomers turned on, tuned in and dropped out - revolutionizing what it means to get old.

Cultural / History - Other / Nonfiction / Social Issues English 43m Sell Sheet
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									In the 60s, baby boomers changed the world. In their 60's, they just may do it again. The largest and wealthiest generation ever born is now leading a massive shift in what it means to get old. Boomers who make up almost a third of Canada's total population - are now in their 50s and early 60s, but are enjoying a longevity bonus because life expectancy has gone up more than thirty years in the last century. What will they do with their extra years? How long will they work and where will they live? Can they even afford to retire?

"Boomers will certainly enjoy this tribute, while their children and grandchildren may learn more about where our next generation of seniors came from, and where they are headed." - Video Librarian