Heated Melodies

In the hottest place on Earth, making music can be risky.

Music / Nonfiction / Political Science English 40m Sell Sheet
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									Music is a universal language, but it is not a simple one. Composing it, performing it, and producing it are challenges. The art of being a musician comes from embracing and overcoming those challenges. But in Kuwait and other countries like it, those challenges are exacerbated by the political and religious climate. Kuwait's legal system, which is based on Sharia law, struggles against cultural westernization, and the growing underground music scene's interest in contemporary Western music is seen as a problem. 

Heated Melodies highlights the stereotyping, religious and sexual discrimination, and other challenges faced by those musicians, following them as well as the many other young men and women-from fans to journalists to lawyers-that try to swim against the stream and be part of that world.