Raven Tales: Raven and the Coyote

This award-winning animated series explores the folklore of North America's indigenous peoples.

Animals / Children’s Fiction / Folklore English 24m Sell Sheet
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Part of the Raven Tales series.

									Join Raven, Eagle, Frog, and their new friends, the First People, in the land before time. Raven Tales: Raven and the Coyote is the ninth episode in this series of animated television programs based upon the multiple award-winning animated film, Raven Tales: How Raven Stole the Sun. Raven Tales chronicles the wild and wacky adventures of Raven, the most powerful and trickiest trouble-maker of First Nations' folklore. In this episode, Frog's old friend Mother Toad comes to visit, and, as the two story- tellers swap tales, Raven overhears the story of another trickster, Coyote, who lives near Mother Toad's home far to the south. Determined to prove that he is the greatest of all tricksters, Raven heads down to meet Coyote and trick him by teaching him to fly. But Coyote is a trickster too, and Raven soon learns that all is not as it seems...