Raven Tales: The Flood

This award-winning animated series explores the folklore of North America's indigenous peoples.

Animals / Children’s Fiction / Folklore English 24m Sell Sheet
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Part of the Raven Tales series.

									Join Raven, Eagle, Frog, and their new friends, the First People, in the land before time. Raven Tales: The Flood is the eleventh episode in this series of animated television programs based upon the multiple award-winning animated film, Raven Tales: How Raven Stole the Sun. Raven Tales chronicles the wild and wacky adventures of Raven, the most powerful and trickiest trouble-maker of First Nation' folklore. 

In this episode, the children of the First People are visited by the tiny Mouse Woman, who speaks in a voice that only they can understand. She warns them that a great flood is coming and that the children need to find a way to convince their parents to flee their village to the safety of the mountain. But as the days pass and the children become more concerned, their parents remain unconvinced of the danger and refuse to go. Until Klundux gets an idea...