Lost Journey

A foreign exchange student experiences culture clash when he leaves Iran for a new life in Canada.

Contemporary / Drama / Fiction / Romance English 1h 29m Sell Sheet
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									Arriving in Toronto as a foreign exchange student from Iran, nineteen-year-old Pedram Abasi embarks on a journey shared by millions of people every year: moving to the West in order to have a brighter future all while learning a new language and culture. While having to grapple with a new identity proves challenging, Pedram remains grateful and optimistic-much to the delight of his aunt and uncle, who have taken him in. However, everything changes when he becomes friends with Nima and Chrissy. 

Before long, Pedram is seduced by their life of all-night rave parties, promiscuous sexual encounters, and taking Ecstasy until sunrise-but those all-night adventures lead to unavoidable consequences. Once Pedram's adopted family begins to resent his irresponsible ways and to regret ever taking him into their home, Pedram must struggle to regain control of the life that he has left spiral uncontrollably, either returning to being the person he once was or succumbing to the hardships of the journey.