What About Me?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has twenty times the infection rate of AIDS—and no cure.

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									What About ME? is an astonishing and in-depth investigation of the debilitating condition known alternately as either Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CF). A mystery illness that is often incorrectly labeled as a psychiatric ailment, ME/CFS is a largely undocumented epidemic that utterly debilitates the lives of previously healthy, active, and vibrant individuals, leaving them bed-bound and racked with pain and suffering from devastating memory loss and confusion. 

The battle to find its cause and cure has left leading scientists and medical professionals utterly perplexed, and the revelations and research contained in this film produce a story of equal parts intrigue, heartbreak, and hope-a story of epidemiology, of government malfeasance, of corporate greed, of corruption and cover-ups-and, more than anything, of lives being slowly destroyed by an little-understood ailment-a story that can do more than educate, a story that may save your own health and happiness too.

"… this film provides an interesting look at a mysterious phenomenon. Recommended." - Video Librarian