Who Will Bury the Dead?: The Death of Christianity in Lakota

The spiritual decolonization of Native Americans has begun, but what does the future hold?

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									This documentary offers a deep, candid, and historical look at the Christian experience of America's largest and best-known tribes: the Dakota and Lakota. Its exploration into Native American history also takes a hard and detailed look at President Ulysses S. Grant's Peace Policy of 1873, which was, in effect, a "convert to Episcopalianism or starve" edict put forth by the American government in direct violation of its Constitution. The devastation it had on the values of the people affected were dramatic and extremely long-lasting. Grant's policy was finally ended over 100 years later by the Freedom of American Indian Religions Act in 1978. Interlaced with extraordinarily candid interviews, Who Will Bury the Dead? presents an insider's perspective of how the Dakota and Lakota were estranged from their religious beliefs and their long-standing traditions.