Big in Bollywood

He was a nobody in Hollywood, but Bollywood made him a star!

Directed by Bill Bowles and Kenny Meehan Produced by Bill Bowles Documentary / Entertainment / Nonfiction English Age group 13 and up 1h 23m Sell Sheet Also available on
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									American-born Omi Vaidya, a struggling actor in Los Angeles, miraculously lands a dream role in the Bollywood film 3 Idiots. Curious to better understand the world of Bollywood, four of Omi's buddies armed with cameras fly to Mumbai to document his big premiere. Within a week of release, 3 Idiots skyrockets to box-office success, becoming the most successful Indian film in history and transforming Omi into an overnight megastar. But being a national sensation in India is not all glitz and glamor. Aside from the language barrier, Omi struggles with the pressure of his newly acquired fame and how to continue his career's momentum while also maintaining a healthy domestic life back in Los Angeles. 

Set against the backdrop of Mumbai, Big in Bollywood is a film about what it is like to be successful in show business as seen through the eyes of Omi's best friends, the people who witness his career transformation firsthand.