Adieu Marx

Five guys. One house. Anarchy rules.

Comedy / Fiction / Politics English Age group 13 and up 1h 22m Sell Sheet Also available on
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									Steven, a recently qualified doctor, has just returned from a vacation in India when his girlfriend, Julia, dumps him by phone. Desperate for somewhere to live, he turns to a friend who directs him to a recently established political commune in North London.  

Led by the charismatic Cambridge graduate Rupert, the commune is initially not to Steven's liking. In pursuit of his own agenda, Rupert has persuaded his flatmates to pay his rent while he spends all day attending political protests. 

However, Steven has an epiphany when he discovers that his ex-girlfriend is good friends with his potential flatmates and is a regular visitor to the commune. Seeing the chance to reconnect with her, he moves in. Soon thereafter, Rupert stumbles onto fame after his revolutionary ideas are televised.