The Wall

The story of a North Korean poet who escaped her country's repressive regime

Directed by David Kinsella Produced by David Kinsella Drama / Fiction / Politics English Age group 13 and up 1h 13m Sell Sheet Also available on
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									David Kinsella thought he was going to North Korea to make a documentary. The North Koreans thought that David Kinsella would let them dictate the terms of his film. Both were wrong. 

After the government of Kim Jong-un brought in thousands of uninvited extras to help show the country as the regime wanted it seen, Kinsella knew he had to change his strategy and began framing his shots so that animation could be added in later. Mixing his Korean footage with scenes filmed in his native Belfast, the result was The Wall, the story of Yung Hee, a young female poet living under North Korea's regime that's told through a mix of live action and animation.

...Mixing gritty naturalism with hallucinatory hyperrealism, The Wall features a bold mix of styles, imaginatively and powerfully conveying its messages about tolerance and the dangers of ideology taken to a brutal extreme. Highly recommended... - Video Librarian