In Winter

In the solitude of ice lies the heat of passion.

Directed by Alexander Palache Gutterman and Aboubacar Mamy Camara Produced by Alexander Palache Gutterman and Laura M. Lechner Drama / Family Life / Fiction English Age group 17 and up 1h 37m Sell Sheet
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1 Video DVD Tue Jun 12 00:00:00 UTC 2018 24.99 24.99 818506023733 Notify Me
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									Abandoned by her parents and left to deal with her aging and senile grandfather, Annika faces poverty, isolation, and sexual oppression. When Mark, a wealthy, married stranger on his way to a sailing competition, visits her bleak lakeside town during the dead of winter, a quiet but intense entanglement develops. Opened and transformed as a result of the affair, Annika faces possibilities normally unavailable to a person of her class, but Mark gradually falls into a forlorn, cold solitude.

Official Selection: AAB International Film Festival; Official Selection: Best Film Awards; Official Selection: Duluth Superior Film Festival 2018; Official Selection: Flyway Film Festival; Official Selection: Interrobang Film Festival; Official Selection: Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema; Official Selection: Stockholm Independent Film Festival; Honorable Mention: Experimental Forum - Awards