Money Art

Money and art: two worlds seemingly far apart but actually closely intertwined

Directed by Massimo Brega Produced by Sara Resnati Art / History - Other / Nonfiction English Age group 7 and up 53m Sell Sheet Also available on
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									In this programme, we take you on a journey of beauty from Ancient Rome to the benches of Renaissance Italy, where modern banking was born; from the court of Louis XIV to the auction room at Christie's and the sale of the world's most expensive work of art; from the Impressionists to the New York Stock Exchange. Guided by historians, art collectors, economists, and artists-and with special contributions from economist Jacques Attali and performance artist Marina Abramovich-we travel through history right up to the present day to reveal the true nature of the unique relationship between money and art. From slums to high society, from archives to open spaces, from private collections to public galleries, we get close to some of the world's most famous pieces of art, providing new insights as we tell the story of this paradoxical relationship.