China's Hidden Monkeys

Discover one of the world's most elusive primates.

Directed by Mitchell Farkas Produced by Mitchell Farkas Animals / Nonfiction / Outdoors & Nature English Age group 7 and up 52m Sell Sheet Also available on
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									In the remote mountains of southwest China lives one of the most remarkable and elusive endangered primates in the world: the golden monkey. This species only exists in China. Discovered in the 1890s, they were thought to be extinct until their re-discovery in 1962. Due to the extreme isolation of their habitat-China's wildest and most remote mountainous regions-serious study of these creatures is still in its infancy. Their extreme isolation has protected them...until now. Today, they are on the verge of extinction. China's Hidden Monkeys takes viewers to some of the most beautiful and untouched mountain regions of China and follows the life cycle of a troop of these unique and rarely filmed animals, giving viewers their first look at the living link between monkeys and apes.