Travel With Kids - Venice, Italy: Not Just for Romance

Planning for a family trip or simply love history? Join the Roberts family on a trip of a lifetime!

Directed by Jeremy Simmons Produced by Jeremy Simmons Family Life / Nonfiction / Travel English Age group all ages 28m Sell Sheet Also available on
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Part of the Travel With Kids series.

									Most people think of Venice as a romantic destination, but it's great for kids too! There are no cars to worry about, and a feast for the senses lingers around every wind in the path. Where else in the world can you get around only by boat while being surrounded by towering ancient buildings adorned with wild designs, statues, and gold? No, this isn't Disneyland, although it may seem like it to children...and maybe even adults! There are people in masks with glitter and jewels, artisans blowing huge colorful glassworks, and gelato ice cream piled high on every corner. Join the Roberts family as they take a boat trip to an island in a lagoon where the locals eat exotic seafood and play on the beach. Then explore the narrow back alleys of Venice to find children's musical concerts and the art of mask making alive and well. Go fishing in the Grand Canal, and eat foods in the wild bustling markets of the Ponte Rialto. Learn about the history of this wild, and once powerful, republic.