A Life Lived

The story of a single dollar bill and the many lives it passes through and impacts

Directed by Riley Wood Produced by Chris Cashman and Michelle Alexandria Contemporary / Drama / Fiction English Age group 13 and up 1h 18m Sell Sheet Also available on
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									A Life Lived follows a single dollar bill as it weaves its way in and out and sometimes back into the lives of a varied cast of characters led by Denise Richards (Starship Troopers, Wild Things). From a jubilant clerk to a philandering business man, the dollar bill touches the lives of many, including a would-be robber, a police detective, a worried mother, a rockstar, and a lawyer. Desperation, adolescent jealousy, and hope are on display as the bill passes from person to person, encountering a new set of circumstances in the hands of each new owner. Featuring a stellar ensemble cast, including Brendan McCarthy (True Blood, Shooter), Jennifer Taylor (Shameless, Two and a Half Men), and Marshall Manesh (Will & Grace, How I Met Your Mother), A Life Lived offers a quintessential peek into American life and the degrees of separation piecing it together.