Tragedy becomes the ultimate motivator for friends determined to become millionaires before thirty.

Directed by Andrew Chung and Melanie Chung Produced by Ben Brillantes and Andrew Chung Coming of Age / Drama / Fiction English Age group 13 and up 1h 34m Sell Sheet
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									This is the story of six twenty-something Asian Americans: Brandon (the Dreamer), Deron (the Black Sheep), Mary (the Tomboy), Charlie (the Cynic), Jay (the Playboy), and Eddie (the Brain). They work mediocre nine-to-five jobs and waste away their nights bumming the streets aimlessly. The emptiness of their lives makes them apathetic...until tragedy strikes. 

During high school, the friends made a pact to become millionaires before they turned thirty. It was a childish dream that faded with time. But after what happened, Brandon refuses to let it go any longer. He persuades his friends to join him in becoming the millionaires they once promised each other they'd be-proving to themselves and to each other that dreams aren't something that can be easily forgotten.