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Anything worth having is worth cheating for.

Directed by Nicholas Gray Produced by Jonathan Gray and John Grossman Commentary / Drama / Fiction / Romance English Age group 17 and up 1h 38m Sell Sheet Also available on
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									Annalee (Stef Dawson; The Hunger Games trilogy) is an academic ghostwriter—a freelance cheat working in the shadows of a college campus. Or rather, she was…until Sigurd (Penn Badgley; Margin Call) books her for the entire semester. He's subcontracting his entire graduate degree. She has reservations, but he’s paying double. Besides, she can't resist the challenge of forging a whole MFA.

Annalee and Sigurd become lovers. But things soon turn sour. She can't end the romantic relationship without ending the business one. Secrets start to spill. And then she learns that Sigurd has been recording their meetings.

When Sigurd refuses to explain, Annalee rats him out to Professor Kane (Richard Kind; Argo). Instead of the swift justice she envisioned, however, Kane has his own idea of what should happen next. Call it extortion; call it blackmail. Whatever you call it, the ugliness is just beginning…

Best Drama of 2016 - LA Film Review - Awards

"...a wonderfully palpable interrogation about the ultimate value of an institution our society holds so dear." - The Film Stage