The story of the extraordinary man who became the musical sensation Mangoré

Directed by Luis R. Vera Produced by Leo Rubín Biographies & Memoirs / Fiction / Music Spanish Age group 13 and up 1h 41m Sell Sheet Also available on
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									Jumping back and forth in time, Mangore is the life story of Agustin Barrios. Born in Paraguay in 1885, Agustin showed an aptitude for music and poetry and a special talent with the guitar. As a young adult, those talents caught the attention of other artists, and Agustin was persuaded to move to Buenos Aires, the cultural hub of South America. 

There, the young Agustin began an affair with the beautiful Isabel but, despite fathering two children with her, never married. As he grew older, he began to travel with his brother, who acted as his manager. Often donning Indian garb associated with Paraguay's indigenous Guarani people, Agustin performed under the stage name Mangoré. This lifestyle was hard for the two men: money was tight, and they frequently had trouble getting paid by theater and club owners. Oftentimes, they found themselves in dive bars, performing for rowdy, unappreciative crowds. During one such show, Agustin met Gloria, an exotic dancer, and the two began a passionate affair...