Travel With Kids – Mexico – The Yucatan Mayan Riviera

Planning for a family trip or simply love history? Join the Simmons family on a trip of a lifetime!

Directed by Jeremy Simmons Produced by Jeremy Simmons Family Life / Nonfiction / Travel English Age group all ages 1h 19m Sell Sheet
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Part of the Travel With Kids series.

									Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula is the site of major clashes between the indigenous Mayan people and the Spanish colonists, which is reflected in its attractions. The Simmons learn about Mayan history at the huge pyramid complex of Chichen-Itza, where they research the acoustics on a Mayan ball court, climb the pyramids, and study a colony of leaf-cutter ants. Then it’s on to soak in the culture at Spanish enclaves like Izamal, Valladolid, and Merida, where Mayan traditional dances take place in centuries-old colonial squares. Then they explore lively markets and take horse-drawn carriages through the colonial centers.