Sicily: Land of Love and Strife

There's so much more to this mysterious three-sided island than its association with the Mafia.

Directed by Mark Spano and David Tyson Produced by Mark Spano and Larry Gardner Cultural / History - European / Nonfiction English Age group 13 and up 1h 22m Sell Sheet
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									Little has been produced about the cultural or historic relevance of Sicily. The most invaded place on the planet, the three-sided island rivals Greece and Egypt as a primary source for Western ideas. Sicily: Land of Love and Strife takes the viewer to a place more fascinating and more diverse than any other Italian region. This journey demonstrates that fewer places on the planet compare to Sicily for a story of spectacular beauty, epic human struggle, depth and diversity of culture, philosophic insights, and historic sites. Because of the island's great natural abundance and its strategic location in the Mediterranean-at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and Asia-ownership of this rugged and fertile terrain has been contested for millennia. But except for its crime, Sicily has gone unexplored. The island's association with the Mafia, so deeply entrenched in popular consciousness, has obscured a more rounded and accurate depiction of its history and culture.