Mr. Wong in Chinatown (REMASTERED)

A mysterious visitor is found dead in Mr. Wong's study, and it's up to him to unmask the murderer.

Action and Adventure / Fiction / Mystery & Thrillers English Age group 2 and up 1h 3m Sell Sheet
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1 Video DVD December 4, 2018 $19.99 $19.99 818506024358 Add to Cart
1 Video DVD w/Public Performance rights December 4, 2018 $199.99 $199.99 818506024358P Add to Cart

Part 3 of the Mr. Wong, Detective series.

									Cunning private eye Mr. Wong is on the case once more after a beautiful Chinese princess is murdered in his San Francisco home. Before succumbing to a venomous dart, the princess scribbles "Captain J" — but is this a hint to her killer's identity or another piece of the mysterious puzzle? As more victims are killed by the same dart gun, Wong tracks the clues to a certain Capt. Jaime, and finds himself knee-deep in a check-forgery scam.