Santa Fe Trail (REMASTERED)

Where the railroad and civilization ended, the Santa Fe Trail began!

Crime / Fiction / Historical English Age group 7 and up 1h 49m Sell Sheet
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									After graduating from West Point, Jeb Stuart and George Custer are both stationed to Fort Leavenworth in the Kansas Territory, a bloodstained and war-torn duty station that's incredibly dangerous. Their job is to ensure that the territory remains safe for the completion of the Santa Fe Trail. Once there, they find that the violent abolitionist, John Brown, has laid waste to the area, killing anyone who gets in the way of his anti-slavery crusade. While the duo must work together to battle the murderous revolutionary, they also come to blows over their competing love for Kit Carson Holliday. Will the two be able to thwart Brown and his gang and make the territory safe enough for the continuation of the Santa Fe Trail?