Lise Meitner: The Mother of the Atom Bomb

A historical journey exploring the links between science, politics, friendship, and responsibility

Directed by Wolf von Truchsess Produced by Wolf von Truchsess Documentary / Historical / Nonfiction German, English Narration Age group 13 and up 52m Sell Sheet
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									To historians, physicist Lise Meitner deserves to be placed with Einstein, Heisenberg, and Otto Hahn. In the 1930s on the verge of World War II, she led a small group of scientists who discovered that splitting the atomic nucleus of uranium releases enormous energy. As the documentary’s central conflict evolves between a modern woman and a society that sees family as her only mission, it exposes Meitner’s achievements as a scientist and as a pioneer of feminism. This extraordinary film tells the story of a pacifist who, through her beloved work, creates the foundation for the deadliest weapon of all time.