The Run: A Symbol of Resistance

Caught between two countries, one Korean athlete goes against Japan and inspires a nation.

Directed by Friedemann Hottenbacher Produced by Gregor Streiber Documentary / Historical / Nonfiction English, German Age group 13 and up Sell Sheet
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									All eyes were on Berlin in the summer of 1936, where Nazi-Germany was hosting one of the most political Olympic Games in history. Unnoticed by most, a political drama unfolds when Sohn Kee-Chung, a Korean athlete, wins a gold medal in the marathon. Forced to run under the Japanese flag, his victory goes to the country who had been ruling over Korea since 1910. His run becomes a symbol of oppression and rebellion and sparks resistance among Koreans. These events and their repercussions, while subtle, linked Sohn to the larger history of the twentieth century and made him a hero in Korea.