Passport To The World: Corsica

Mediterranean Splendour

A magical island, like a jewel from the sea!

Directed by Fannie Leblond and Sylvain Lepage Produced by Jadrino Huot , Yohan Leduc and Fanny Robert Documentary / Nonfiction / Travel English Age group 8 and up 1h 18m Sell Sheet
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Part of the Passport to the World series.

									Corsica's picturesque shorelines and translucent bays are hypnotizing and delight divers and pleasure boaters alike. Farther inland, its rough terrain is an ideal playground for sporting types and hikers, who will adore the famous GR 20 trail.

While the breeze from the sea blows the odors of thyme through the olive groves, the cliff-top and mountain-top villages fiercely protect their old-fashioned charm. The inhabitants welcome you warmly with their own traditional songs, dances, and language.

In Corsica, the traces of the past blend beautifully with the present, adding to the magic of this island of splendours.