Come Before Winter

The true story of two men who both fought against Nazi Germany, each in their own way

Directed by Kevin Ekvall Produced by Gary Blount Biographies & Memoirs / Documentary / History - Other / Nonfiction English Age group 15 and up 1h 16m Sell Sheet
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									This documentary tells the true story of two longtime foes of Adolf Hitler: propagandist Sefton Delmer and Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer. During the dying days of the Third Reich, these two men, in very different ways, helped bring about the fall of Hitler's regime. 

In Germany, Bonhoeffer spoke boldly against the evil of Nazism and called the church to turn away from its complacency; meanwhile, in England, Delmer ran a secret operation that transmitted the British ""Black Propaganda"" radio broadcast to Germany in order to demoralize the Nazis. 

The stories of these heroic men and their companions intertwine as they worked to end the war. Filmed in Berlin, Buchenwald, Flossenburg, and various locations in England and the United States, this documentary brings to light two men who were determined not to see evil win.