Bee Team 2

Un-bee-lievable fun!

Directed by Evan Tramel Produced by Jay Tremblay and Cynthia Anderson Action and Adventure / Animals / Children’s Fiction English Age group 4 to 11 1h 15m Sell Sheet
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									After their last outing, which saw them find and return their hive’s stolen honey, little bees Zip and Zap have returned home as conquering heroes! 

But their celebration is short-lived because two of their beloved hivemates, Manny and Lanny, turn up missing! Heading back out into the wide and wild forest, the two young bees must retrace their friends’ flight paths and locate them as soon as possible in order to bring them home safely! 

Navigating a vast array of unique obstacles and encountering a colorful host of new and old friends along the way, Zip and Zap discover even more interesting facts about their habitat, the world around them, and a new nemesis they didn’t even know existed—the devious woodpecker, Mr. Longnose Frizzle the Third! 

Rejoin the forest’s tiniest adventurers, Zip and Zap, along with their always watchful Queen Eleanor and her right-hand bee, Sebastian, as they prove once again that there’s no team like the Bee Team!