• Miracle Man

    By John Hendrix

    Ill. by John Hendrix

    The Story of Jesus

    A beautiful biography of Jesus Christ, perfect for families to share throughout the year.

    "Employing simple, child-friendly language… the design and format of the spreads call to mind modern graphic novels. Despite the contemporary feel of the artwork and language, the illustrations are also replete with historically accurate details of life in biblical times...Hendrix eloquently conveys the life-changing power of faith in this distinctive snapshot of the life and teachings of Jesus, providing an appealing introduction to more complete collections of Bible stories." - School Library Journal

    Available Tue Mar 21 00:00:00 UTC 2017

  • Good Night Yoga

    By Mariam Gates

    Ill. by Sarah Jane Hinder

    Read by Elizabeth Cottle

    A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story

    Help calm active children into a peaceful and soothing bedtime routine with this interactive story.

    "In a clear and calming introduction to yoga, serene children demonstrate 11 basic poses, while a lullaby winds throughout...Gentle supplemental text describes the poses which come together in a closing spread to create the 'Good Night Yoga Flow.'" - Publishers Weekly

    Available Tue Mar 28 00:00:00 UTC 2017

  • Good Morning Yoga

    By Mariam Gates

    Ill. by Sarah Jane Hinder

    Read by Elizabeth Cottle

    A Pose-by-Pose Wakeup Story

    Teach kids to greet the morning with joy and embark on their daily adventures with confidence.

    "After helping young readers gently end their days in Good Night Yoga (2015), Gates and Hinder return with a salutation for their mornings...Hinder's playful illustrations animate Gates' descriptions and affirmations. Each character fully embodies his or her pose as if ready to leap off the page. The balance of bold and soft colors mirrors the energizing yet focused movements of the stretches. Young readers will easily see themselves in one of the many diverse children in the book. Also included are a recap of the poses with short instructions and a guided visualization that adults can read to children. An energizing yoga practice portrayed by lively and diverse characters that should inspire multiple readings." - Kirkus Reviews

    Available Tue Mar 28 00:00:00 UTC 2017

  • Yard Sale

    By Eve Bunting

    Ill. by Lauren Castillo

    Read by Susie Berneis

    It’s hard to let go of things—but what counts more is having each other.

    "While the topic is an extremely tough one, Bunting tackles it with her usual grace and poise. The clear and concise writing is a wonderful choice for the subject matter... A vital purchase for collections everywhere." - School Library Journal, Starred Review

    Available Tue Apr 04 00:00:00 UTC 2017

  • President Taft is Stuck in the Bath

    By Mac Barnett

    Ill. by Chris Van Dusen

    Read by George Newbern

    "Blast!" said Taft, "This could be bad."

    "No amount of squeezing and shimmying or hefting and stretching will do: President Taft is stuck in the bath. Even if the entire event may not be true, Barnett turns the nonetheless legendary story into a hilarious cabinet-level fiasco...The combination of Barnett's repetitive assonance (" 'Double blast!' said Taft. 'Blast and drat!' ") and Van Dusen's gouache caricature illustrations (with strategically placed water and bubbles) sets the hilarious tone. A concluding author’s note reveals an archival photo of four men sitting in Taft's custom-built bathtub for the White House and presents the actual facts pertaining to the president and his numerous commissioned bathtubs. Studying the presidency need never be dull again." - Booklist

    Available Tue Apr 18 00:00:00 UTC 2017

  • Jazz Day

    By Roxane Orgill

    Ill. by Francis Vallejo

    Read by J.D. Jackson , Jason Linere White , Ron Butler and Bahni Turpin

    The Making of a Famous Photograph

    What happens when you invite as many jazz musicians as you can for a photo in 1950s Harlem?

    "...alive with the presence and skill of the musicians, as well as the promise and potential of the children around them. Beyond being a glorious tribute to these jazz greats...[this] is also a phenomenal debut for Vallejo, whose dynamic acrylic and pastel images bring readers into the heart of the action of a day like no other." - Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

    Available Tue Apr 25 00:00:00 UTC 2017